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Our Pastoral Staff


The summer of 1968 was a turning point for Dean Howell as he trusted Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Growing up in a Christian home gave him the advantage of focusing on God’s will for his life. After graduating from Gateway Christian Academy in Garland, Texas in 1979 he then enrolled at Hyles Anderson College where he completed three semesters. Later he joined the U.S. Marines and spent one tour in Beirut, Lebanon. The Lord blessed him with a wonderful Christian wife, Tammi, and 4 wonderful boys. He finished his Bachelor of Arts degree at Northland Baptist Bible College in 1997 and became the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in June 1998. He is currently working on his Master’s degree from West Coast Baptist College. Pastor Howell’s Passion is not just for the Madison area but for all the countries around the World.

Dean Howell (Senior Pastor)



My name is Alfredo Olivares I was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Raised in a Catholic home, but at the age of 17 received Christ as my personal Savior on March 9, 1993 when my uncle invited me to the Baptist church where he attended a few years ago. The following year, our church started a Bible school, so I signed up for five years to prepare myself as a pastor and missionary. In September 1997 I married my dear wife, Diana Garcia, who accepted Christ as her personal Savior in the same church. We have two children, Anaid and Isaiah. Between 2002 and 2003 to help start a Baptist mission in my town. But in September 2003 we moved to Madison, Wisconsin to aid in the Spanish ministry of Grace Baptist. Our vision is to continue spreading God’s word in our language to Hispanic people in Madison.

Alfredo Olivares (Spanish Pastor)