1801 South Thompson Drive, Madison, WI 53716 Sunday School 9:30 AM; Sunday Morning 10:30 AM; Sunday Evening 6:00 PM; Wednesday 7:00 PM


Transportation Ministry Each week adults and children are brought to church through the bus ministry. This ministry provides a way for those that are unable to attend otherwise, the opportunity  to be a part of a church service.

Children’s Church Children’s Church is designed to teach the importance of learning all they can about God and His Word. In a way it is a mini design of the adult church but geared in a way that they can understand and grasp the concepts and doctrines of the Bible.

Soul-winning Ministry The soul-winning ministry has a two-fold meaning: one is to give the members of the church an opportunity to go and encourage the saints of the church who might be struggling in their spiritual walk and need some encouraging words or someone to just simply pray with them; the other meaning is to reach out to the lost souls of our community and tell them of Jesus love and their need of Salvation.

Nursing Home Ministry The nursing home ministry is designed to reach out to those who would like to come to church but are no longer able to come. In a way we bring the church service to them. Each week there are those who go to the area nursing home and sing with them and share with them a message from God’s Word.

Spanish Ministry The Spanish ministry is designed to reach out to those who want to come to a Bible –believing church but do not understand the English language. We have a Spanish department that is just like our English church but in their own language. The Spanish Department is available for all services: S.S. AM & PM Services and also Wed. night.

Addiction Ministry The Addictions ministry is designed in helping those who are in need of getting the victory over the addictions which ever they may be. The program does not put emphasis on their addictions but rather on their need for Christ in their live so they can have the power to over come the temptations.

Lighthouse Kid’s Club Lighthouse Kid’s Club is a program that we have for the children on Wednesday evenings. This is a ministry in that is designed to teach the children how to have their daily time with the Lord. It also gives the children a opportunity to learn God-honoring music and songs.

M.A.D. Teens M.A.D. Teens stands for Making A Difference. As a teenagers there are many peer-pressures from the worlds society and we are here to teach them good Godly principles that they can use to stand up against evil.

College & Career College & Career meets every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM and has occasional times during the year for interaction, ministry, and fellowship.